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AODMA DY-109 Toothbrush

AODMA DY-109 Toothbrush



Improve your gum condition and ensure a perfect oral health with AODMA DY 109 toothbrush. This toothbrush reaches even the innermost corners due to its superior oscillatory action. It is equipped with multiple modes for deep & effective cleani..

AODMA X1 Car Air Purifier


It is an undeniable fact that a car possesses 5 times more pollutants and impurities than the outside world. And we spend a lot of time in our cars breathing unhealthy and impure air. This invisible health hazard can have long-term effects and ca..

Kriti Electric Motor Bike - Lead Battery...


Technical Specifications Endurance Mileage:48V-20Ah 55-60KmSpeed:25Km/hCharging Time: 8 hoursCharger: 2.5A48V/20Ah, 12-tube vector controller600W27H electric motors4-speed transmissionReverse gear Mobile phone charging (USB)110 drum brake o..

Kriti Electric Motor Bike - Li Battery


Technical Specifications Endurance Mileage:48V-24Ah 60-65KmSpeed:25Km/hCharging Time: 4 hours Charger: 6A48V/24Ah, 12-tube vector controller600W electric motors4-speed transmissionReverse gear Mobile phone charging (USB) port110 drum b..

VBOT M501S Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


Swop your regular cleaning methods with the latest and innovative robot vacuum cleaner. It is a smarter and instant way of giving your home a tidy and polished makeover. Robust build along with splendid looks is a rare combination which can be vis..

VBOT T270 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


You can give your home a tidy makeover with the innovative and user friendly robovac. T20 is an advanced mopping system for spotless cleaning. It launders every segment of the floor and even cleans under the furniture & along the walls. It is ..

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