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AODMA DY-109 Toothbrush

AODMA DY-109 Toothbrush



Improve your gum condition and ensure a perfect oral health with AODMA DY 109 toothbrush. This toothbrush reaches even the innermost corners due to its superior oscillatory action. It is equipped with multiple modes for deep & effective cleani..

AODMA ST-807 Air Sterilizer


Works on ozone technology and offers 3-way air-flow. This product is best suited for an enclosed area such as shoe rack or refrigerator. It will effectively eradicate the bad odour and revive the environment. Air sterilizer is a great produc..

Water Bottle


Stay hydrated for the whole day with this eco-lifestyle bottle. This leak-proof bottle with wide mouth provides easy access to water wherever and whenever you want. Designed for everyday use, this bottle can be used to store water or any other liq..

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