BT Speaker

BT Speaker

Experience crystal clear sound and instant connectivity with wireless bluetooth speaker. 

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CSLO PTH-03 BT Speaker


Speakers are the life of any party! It fills musical colors in your parties and homes. Introducing CSLO PTH-03 BT Speakers that is the leader among all bluetooth speakers.   ·      Great Sound Quality: Super..

MIFA A1 Bluetooth Speaker


A speaker should be such that it forces you not only to tap your feet but to bring out the free dancer in you! Introducing MIFA A1 Bluetooth Speakers which allows you to do so anywhere anytime!   ·      Powe..

MIFA M1 BT Speaker


Speakers should last longer than your dancing capacity! Introducing MIFA M1 BT Speakers which have the strongest possible batteries that gives you more chance and reason to dance!!   ·      Strong Battery, L..

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